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Re: Senpai Notice Me Reboot

Post by UnknownLight on Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:34 am

A slight grin crept onto Katja’s face as the table collided with Ace, knocking him to the ground. She came to a halt right next to him, crossing her arms. “I’m not gonna lie, you did make me feel special tonight with that dance so it kinda sucks it has to end this way,” she crouched down next to him. “Kind of risky though that you guys showed up at a house full of vampires.”

The vampires that had been following her pursuit, ran past her and out the window in hopes to catch other hunters since Ace seemed to be down and not going anywhere anytime soon. Two vampires fell back though and kind of hovered behind Katja to watch for the hunter to make sure he didn’t get away.

Caden stood next to the crouched down Katja and looked around. Adrian was nowhere to be seen in all this chaos and he was starting to worry a little. “Are you going to be okay here? I’m going to see if I can find Adrian.” After get a nod of approval from Katja, he turned in the other direction of all the vampires to see if he could find Adrian. Reaching the locked doors, he held his hand out towards the hinges of the doors as they slowly began to turn into ice. Shoving a hand into his pocket, he kicked the doors open as the hinges shattered like glass. His eyes landed on Adrian who wasn't that far from the festivities. "Adrian!" Caden called as he began making his way over to Adrian who seemed to be making his way back to the party. "Where have you been?"

"Let's take him to the room upstairs so he doesn't go anywhere," Katja looked up at the two vampires behind her who simply nodded. One vampire removed the table off of him with ease while the other carried Ace with little effort disregarding any injuries he may have. Katja followed the two as they made their way up the stairs. The two vampires dropped Ace to the ground like a duffel bag in the middle of a study hall they had entered.
Katja took her crouching position once again next to him as reached out and grabbed for his mask, removing it from his face. "Not even going to lie, I thought it would be a lot harder to ever catch you like this."

Oh shit. Tyler thought when she heard all the commotion from the party. Ace was not going to happy about this. She had to get in there and see what was going on. “Uh, good luck with your stuff Adrian, I have to get going.” She mumbled in a rush and was out of there before Adrian could say anything to her. “God damn it,” she muttered under her breath as she rushed towards the house. Coming to a halt in front of the sealed doors, she ran towards one of the windows to take a peek inside and see what was going on. The hall for the most part was a lot emptier than what it was. She noticed the broken windows on the other side of the hall where she assumed the other hunters used as their escape route and probably where a lot of the vampires took off after them. Her eyes continued scanning the area and her eyes landed on Ace who was on the floor with a girl crouched by him. Shit. She had to get in there before the vamps ripped his head off.


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